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lets be happy when we eat


Wellness coaching for women that want to make peace with food and their bodies.

Hi, I’m Soshy!

I’m guessing your story is like mine. For years I struggled with hating my body and destructive food habits. During that time I lost and gained hundreds of pounds. After failing every diet imaginable, I decided I had enough of the conventional weight loss methods! Through learning how to change my mental thought process around food, I transformed my thinking and behaviors and have never struggled with food or my body size since.

Now, I’m here to teach you how to heal your relationship with food and learn to love, accept and embrace your body, no matter what.




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Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Soshy should be so lucky to have the honor before Oprah finds her and snatches her up.
— Tzivie P.


Soshy empowered me to trust my body and myself. To learn how to hear the calls of hunger and fullness and honor them. I now have a pretty neutral relationship with food—if I want something I eat it and if I don’t want it then I don’t.
— Colleen B.

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