Raising A Body Positive Daughter

I recovered from my Eating Disorder almost 8 years ago. Even though I’ve never struggled in the same way with food I must say that working with the body image piece is a continuous journey. It’s not that I’m obsessed with being thin anymore because I know the issues that come with that but for me it’s more of the constant work I have to do, to live in the body that I have today. Take my own self image mixed with the way our society views female bodies and it truly takes a LOT of work to stay on track. hen I was 12 weeks pregnant I found out that I was having a girl and although I was over the moon excited to be raising a daughter I knew that it would come with certain challenges. By challenges, I mean I knew immediately that I wanted to raise her in a body positive home even though we certainly don’t live in a body inclusive world.

Here is the intentions we try and live by:

I certainly don’t love my body every day but I try my hardest to never bad mouth myself in front of her. She doesn’t need to see that her mother doesn’t love her body because we are reflections of each other. Not only do I not criticize myself on the outside but I make sure to keep on challenging social norms that say ‘I’m not good enough’ with the body that I currently have.

I no longer stand in front of the mirror and body check myself. I don’t want her to see me pinching fat on my body because I don’t want her picking apart her own body like that.

When she is old enough I will explain to her that bodies come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are able bodied and some are not. No body is better than the next. This way, if she notices that someone else has a body that looks different than hers (which children often do) she knows to treat it with kindness and respect.

We will not speak about the word ‘fat’ in a negative way. Period.

We will not make negative comments about other people bodies.

We will encourage media in our house where people of color in marginalized bodies are the main characters. We will not watch media that humiliates fat bodies and idealizes thin bodies.

Are you a mother that’s raising a body positive family?

Share what this means to you and I’ll add it to the post!



Soshy Adelstein