Why We Are Failing At Weight Loss

I can recall an Instagram post that I flipped through last week that is still stuck in my brain. It was from Danielle Laporte and she said, “Have a fucking opinion”. I don’t know why but I took it really seriously, because I often tend to keep my opinions to myself in fear of someone else outsmarting me. But seriously, enough of that!

Recently, I struck up a conversation with a lovely early fifty year old woman, who told me that last year had been a really hard year for her.

She hit menopause and had a thyroid issue all in one year and had put on a substantial amount of weight because of it. Naturally, she was seeing a medical doctor who recommended a weight loss program that would help her shed the extra pounds she put on throughout the year. So, she listened to her doctor and tried it. The program was twenty five weeks long and she gave it her all. In the entire twenty five weeks of this medically recommended weight loss program, they had one session that was an hour long on emotional eating. She has since finished the program and is feeling really down about her weight because she has already gained several pounds back and doesn’t know what to do. The tools they left her with were: A) Portion Control B) If you want to maintain your weight, have 1700 calories a day, and if you want to lose more weight have 1200 calories a day. Done. That's it. That's the takeaway from the entire program.

Seems simple right??

Can we please talk about how wrong and flawed this system truly is??!!

Not one dietician or doctor asked her about what her history or struggles with food were during the twenty five weeks that they spent with her. But in the ten minute conversation I have with her, she shares with me that she’s had a history of disordered eating since she was 14 years old. All I did was ask her a few simple, uncomplicated, questions.

This conversation is completely and totally backwards. How is it possible that there is a medically recommended weight loss program for twenty five weeks and all they spend is one session on emotional eating? This is a program set up to make people fail and that is a fact. Our obesity+weight obsession is a plain and simple proof that the system is failing, BIG TIME. It is broken if a medical doctor is sending their patients to programs that encourage eating 1200 calories a day to lose weight. That will starve and potentially ruin someone's metabolism, somewhere down the line. And it is. This is destiny with an eating disorder or disordered eating. It's only a matter of time.

I don’t know about you, but I want to create a solution, to our ‘cultural weight problem’, that works.

For once and all. If we are so concerned with the obesity epidemic and people being overweight let's get to the root of the issue. A) Food mixed in with humans are complex and always will be. There isn’t a diet or a determined person in this world that can save themselves from that. You cannot fix it with an hour of work, or a calorie counting diet. It takes work for people to change their habits with food, it takes courage to unlearn diet culture, and you need a lot of support. B) Not all bodies are meant to be thin. Let’s embrace the fact that we all have different bodies with different needs and creating health programs to encourage someone to be a certain weight creates incredible food issues that are extremely damaging from a physical and mental health standpoint. Let’s encourage a system where you can be healthy at every size. Fat isn’t the problem it’s our belief about it, that is.

Anyways, that's my opinion!

Got an opinion?? Share your thoughts on this topic please! But no hate or shaming is welcome here!



Soshy Adelstein