The First Step To Ending Your Struggle With Weight

January 1st, 2012. Nosara, Costa Rica was one of the first vacations I took where I wasn’t stressed about food and my weight. I felt so free and alive.

I remember being able to lay on the sand and appreciate the sun, the water, my music, and the birds. This was all new to me. Being away from home, and being relaxed enough to appreciate it.

For so many years traveling would terrify me because I didn’t have my usual healthy foods on hand and that made me feel so out of control. The diet plans I was on never told me what I should do if I went on vacation. So leaving home would trigger me to a point where I would eat everything in site or nothing at all and could never appreciate the beauty because all I could think about was food and my intense fear of gaining weight.

Things have changed since then. Only because in the middle of one the darkest moments of my life, I knew in my heart of hearts there had to be more to life than being on a diet and being thin.

Do you feel like you are constantly thinking about food or losing weight?

You don’t have to live this way! You are more than food and you are more than your body size. Trust me on this one.

Now I know you are probably telling yourself, “well if I was thin, I would be happy”,  except when that’s the only thing you are focusing on, the happiness and fulfillment is very short lived and usually comes with a series of issues. Feeling restricted and being obsessed with food are the main ones.

How about you stop telling yourself, “this time the diet will be different”. If it actually worked you, you would not be trying a new one. Also I want to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are hundreds of other women who struggle with food just like you. And there are hundreds of women who struggled with food and don’t anymore because they found a way out through Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance. You can too!

My takeaway for you today:

Make a PROMISE to yourself to end the war with food. That’s where it all starts. Become aware of what is failing you (dieting, restricting, counting calories,) and you have already started the process of changing your unwanted habits with food and falling in love with your body.



Soshy Adelstein