Satisfaction Is Key For A Healthy Relationship With Food

It’s been a hot minute over here and the reason why is because I went on vacation to France and Spain with my family. Before we left, I planned on working while I was there but once we were in Spain there wasn’t proper internet and I finally just called a ceasefire on all technology which ended up feeling really freaking good. I barely even took any pictures until the end when the lack of internet got old. At one point we went to go look at the most awe dropping cliffs and Max was like, where is your phone? You usually love taking photos of the mountains! But as I was looking at these jaw dropping ocean facing peaks, all I could do was just take it in and that felt really special to me. 

I wanted to share this amazing epiphany that I had while I was traveling. Not to complain but I’ve finally come to accept that when I travel, food tends to be complex for me. I always feel amazing when I am situated in one place so when I’m moving around, it’s hard for me to feel good in my body which then makes food challenging for me. And, this trip was no different, in fact the food was actually horrible. I’m laughing while I write this because every other part of the vacation was perfect but it is TRUE! The food was just so gross, the flavors were off all across the board, and it just felt like wherever we went there was a true lack of love in the cuisine. In short, I COULD NOT GET SATISFIED. And I kept on eating, and eating and eating. You would think that if the food was bad I would stop eating it, but in actuality I just kept putting food in to my mouth and towards the end of the vacation I had this major realization… If we are not satisfied with what we are eating we are much more likely to: 


Binge eat.

Feel out of control with sugar.

Eat more during the evening.

Eat even though our bodies tell us to stop.

Healthy Relationship With Food-2.png

Why is this true? Humans beings are wired to need pleasure and satisfaction from food. When we don’t feed our bodies satisfying food, our brains start freaking out and throwing a tantrum until we get it. In relation to food you’re going to create the opposite affect of what you want without this key ingredient. SATISFACTION. What I mean is, you have to eat food that you absolutely love. This usually looks like a mixture of cookies, chocolate, salad and peanut butter. And doesn’t look like cutting out certain food groups because you want to lose weight.

So what can you do about it? 

*Before you put anything in to your mouth. As yourself this; Is this what I really want? If the answer is YES!, go for it. If the answer is NO!, put it down and choose something that you really want. Don’t be afraid, even if it’s a donut. 

*Sit down, slow down and savor every bite. We are often so stuck in fear around food that we forget how to be present when we are eating. Then when the experience is over, we weren’t there for it, so we’re truly not satisfied. If you can make sure you’re sitting and slow the whole process down you will reap the benefits of enjoyment from food and you may even notice you need less of what you’re eating. 

What food is currently satisfying to you? 



Soshy Adelstein