What It Means When You Have Bad Body Image Day

I shared yesterday that I was having a bad body image day and although well intended and so kind the response is always, but you’re beautiful. And believe me when I say this, I promise it’s not egotistical, but I already know that I am beautiful. In fact, we are all physically gorgeous✨.

But, here is the crazy thing! Body image issues and beauty are not the same thing.

The media has tricked us in to believing that if we don’t like our bodies weight loss or beauty related changes can take it away and while I think those are great short term fixes they end up screwing you later on with weight gain, a loss of control around food and your sense of self worth.

The truth is that’s just not how WE work.

Bad body image is a feeling. It’s a reflection of whatever is showing up for us in our lives. It’s the things we say to ourselves every.single.day. (IE I’m a loser/I’m amazing). It’s what we perceive on the outside and take on in our insides. 

In fact, NONE of it is real but it sure as fuck feels real.

For me, and every woman who I coach, when I say I’m having a bad body image day it usually means I’m in the middle of a transition, my anxiety is super high and I have unresolved emotions.

This manifests as a sort of heavy stuck physical feeling that I can’t seem to shake. Everything feels tight including my clothing that felt loose yesterday, and food doesn’t digest properly in my body, even if it’s a salad.

So basically, if someone you love is hating on their body it’s best to steer away from responding with but you’re thin or beautiful or let me help you with weight loss type thing... Listen, hug, tell them you hope the feeling passes soon.

Soshy Adelstein