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The healthy you, starts exactly where you are which can make you feel better immediately.

Jacki Carr x Embody Nutrition Goal Hike- On body image.

Embody Nutrition x HeyMama- A Mindful Eating Workshop.

Embody Nutrition x Howl Often- A how to- on Intuitive Eating.

The JoeLo Show- Jo (Cured Nutrition), Lo (LOVEGROWN) and Soshy discuss her journey towards body-empowerment, as well as their overlaps in its evolution.

The Rock Your Bliss Podcast- A fun conversation about Body Image and Intuitive Eating.

The Honey Talks Podcast- I share a personal look in to my life and how I got addicted to dieting.

The Shine Strong Podcast- Soshy teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with all food, even sugar!

The Real Rebel Podcast- My two minute speech to the world.

Howl Often- An interview style post about my journey with food and my body.

The Honest Peach- A interview style post about Intuitive Eating.

The Cause Bar- Stats on body image+tips for loving your body and making peace with food.

The Girl Tribe- A femme feature.

Voyage MIA- A writeup about Embody Nutrition.

The Huffington Post- An article about my work as a coach written up by one of my clients.

The Inside Outer Beauty Podcast- Embodying nutrition.

The Girl Who Knows- Five different blog posts about health and wellness from an intuitive standpoint.