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Lets Work Together

You are my dream client if you struggle with…

Binge Eating… Emotional Eating… Nighttime Cravings… Sugar Addiction…Body Image Issues

And, you just want to make peace with food!

Does this sound familiar?

You hate your body because of its weight, size or shape.

You feel like your weight is holding you back from having fun.

You are very active and eat super healthy but you’re still not getting the results you hope for.

You know the whole, “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full,” concept sounds rad but you have no idea how to put it in to action.

You feel like food and your weight are taking up a LOT of mental space and you just want to stop obsessing more than anything.

You skip meals because who has time to eat when there’s a million other things to do!

You have tried every diet on the planet but still can’t get your weight under control.

You scroll through old pictures wishing you could just go back to the weight you were X amount of years ago — but even then, you never really felt thin.

You compare your body to other people’s bodies, constantly, and it makes you feel miserable.

If you responded, “YES!!!”, to at least one of these,
well lets just say, I’m so very happy we found each other!!


I have a range of wellness packages for your individual needs.

Set up your complimentary 20-minute breakthrough session to find out if we are a good fit for each other!

One Time

1:1 (virtual) 75 Minute Clarity Session.

This is for you if you've tried a variety of diets or eating plans only to keep coming back to the same issues with food over and over again.

These issues include but are not limited to:

Emotional eating.

Nighttime cravings that affect your sleep and how you feel the next morning.

Lack of willpower when your favorite foods are around.

You hate your body and want to lose weight but so far nothing has stuck.

You feel out of control with sugar and carbs.

You have been exposed to Intuitive Eating but need some support and direction on how to put it in to practice..

This is an insight session and jam-packed with opening up the conversation around helping you understand what's behind your food and body image issues so you can begin the process of making immediate changes. We will assess what you are currently doing with food and I’ll offer nutritional support that leads you in a direction where you feel empowered about your choices with food. We will open up the conversation around weight and body image and how to work with the body that YOU have so you can begin to feel healthy immediately.


Six Times

1:1 (virtual) 6 Week Package

This is for you if you've had a few years of struggle (or more) with food, weight and your body image. Say yes to any of these, and this pack is definitely going to change your life. FOREVER.

You eat really healthy and know a lot about nutrition but you still don't feel like you have ‘good’ habits with food.

You have tried every diet imaginable and succeed but you always gain the weight back.

You struggle with binge eating.

You are always trying to get off 5, 10, 15, 30 or 50 pounds.

You have self confidence/self image issues that are related to your body size, shape or weight. Think belly fat, big thighs, acne or powerful arms ;). And you cannot change it no matter how much you try.

Maybe you don't struggle with binge eating but you feel trapped in some sort of food jail. This looks like you can't stop thinking about food, eating healthy, or you don't feel like you can eat like everyone else because you gain weight immediately.

At this stage in your life you have gotten to a point where you just want to eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and eat a variety of foods, but because of your latest quest to lose weight you simply don’t know how to tune in to your body near food.

You are sick and tired of going through the diet/binge/restrict cycle.

You detest your body and even when you reach your goal weight, you ALWAYS feel that there's still a little more to lose.   

Let me break our sessions down for you!

Sessions 1-2

Support and lessons about nutrition. Most of it involves education on how to begin to nourish your body in a way that will make you feel better immediately. You will learn about what it means to have a diet that includes all foods, from every food group.

Sessions 3-4-5-6

We discuss your mental+emotional patterns with food that keep you stuck. They are unique to everyone!

Become familiar with your inner beliefs received from diet culture, family and community about body size+food. I will show you how those messages are what causes you to have unwanted habits with food. By beginning to understand your brain dialogue (that is always running x 1000)  and then teaching you how to work with it, you will know how to take action, so true change happens.

Let’s unpack your weight ‘issue’. I will teach you the pros and cons of body acceptance. Why it's worth it and essential in your health and wellness journey and how you can practice it even when you HATE what they see. Yes there is a way!


Twelve Times

Embody Nutrition Transformation School 1:1 (virtual) 12 Pack

Let me describe you love!

You are a lifer. Lifer whattttt? I call you the person that’s spent your lifetime dieting. One or both of your parents dieted. Maybe your grandmother dieted. You received messages that food+your body size was/is bad from…EVVVERYWHERE. This is for YOU if you're 1000% ready to put the struggle behind you and you're willing to commit for the long haul NO MATTER WHAT. YOU will. do. whatever. it takes. even if it means going in to debt and gaining some weight but winning at life, to heal your relationship with food and your body.


YOU’RE sick and tired of being sick and tired.

YOU are obsessed with food.

YOU never feel quite full.

YOU can’t get satisfied with food.

YOU feel guilty after eating.

YOU have lost weight and still didn't think it was enough.

YOU'RE very afraid of gaining weight.

YOU binge eat.

YOU have shame around food.  

YOU are an emotional eater.

YOU have a ton of regret about your body size and all of the diets you’ve ‘failed’.

YOU don’t share with others about your internal struggle.

What we do together:

Complete Nutritional guidance.


How to incorporate all foods without feeling sick.

Work towards not fearing any foods.

How to break free from dieting FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

How to work with the body you have so you feel good and never have to deal with this again.

How to get your people to support you so you don’t have to struggle alone.


Hands on support with Intuitive Eating that involves meals via skype so I can teach you the nitty gritty of how to do it. In real life.

Tools to eat wherever/ whenever and still be ok. THINK…Restaurants, vacations, family meals and holidays where you get to thrive in those situations gracefully.


Family of origin and how that plays a huge role in what you are doing with food.

How to unlearn habits that have been with you since you were little.

The mental and emotional drama that your mind is creating which then leads you to do things with food that suck.

How to be your most authentic self to everyone.

This is a very involved process between you, the client, and I, the coach. I am your biggest cheerleader. I will be there to put you back on track when you lose focus. I’m invested in long term result which means I show up FOR YOU through the good, the bad and the ugly.

*YOU have ongoing email+text support throughout the 3 months.