I Love Food But I Can’t Stop Eating!

I hear this all the time. Is this you? Let me help you understand this statement better by breaking it down for you.

I love food. I think a lot of people can relate. Food is pleasure in the same way we feel it from the sun on our faces, having a good conversation, being in love, making love and watching a good movie. Now I know some people aren’t foodies and some of us love a great meal but essentially I think it’s safe to say that most human beings love yummy food. And, that can range from brownies to eating a great salad at different points in time. Let me normalize it for you. I love food too. Normal eaters love food. Even my daughter loves food. So, if you love food you are normal. No judgements here.

Now let’s talk about the ‘I can’t stop eating’ part. That is totally different. I’m guessing you’re not so happy about that. The feeling of being out of control with food is the worst! Maybe you’re a binge eater and you feel like once you put sweets in to your mouth all logic+reason is completely gone. Then, it’s most likely followed by guilt and shame or just physically feeling, like utter crap. Let me say that the ‘I can’t stop eating’ gives me a clue that there is a diet plan of some sort that your’e on. Diets tell you to stop eating certain foods or to eat less which eventually causes you to crave the foods your’e trying to stop eating. Doing that with your body, poses the threat of starvation, so when we absolutely can’t hold out from certain foods any longer we give in and we immediately feel like we can’t stop until we feel sick. If we’re supposed to be sticking to the ‘plan’ we actually feel like won’t be able to have this again so we stock up.

Does this happen to you?

There is nothing wrong with loving food but if that also belongs to the statement that it makes you feel out of control then you need to begin inviting all foods back in to your diet. Give yourself permission to have the very foods that make you feel out of control on a regular basis and then this ‘I can’t stop eating’ will become less, until eventually, it won’t be there anymore.

And if you love food. Embrace it! I love food too.

Soshy AdelsteinComment